At Ecocetera, we put a lot of thought into the panels and inverters we choose to use.

We need to know that they will last, that they will perform, and that the companies who manufacture them stand up to scrutiny ethically and environmentally. We also like them to look good!

We do change our range when we come across a new product that we love, and we do have access to many other products that are tried and tested.

The following are just some of our favourites.


Ecocetera will always recommend the inverter that will produce the best results for your system. There are many factors that need to be taken into account, including the system size, orientation and pitch, the voltage and current of the particular solar panel being used, and any shading issues.

Most often, we will use one of the inverters below, which we have used extensively, and consider to be the best available.

Fronius Inverter

Fronius has been developing power conversion technologies for over sixty-five years – solar inverters specifically for twenty. All their inverters are manufactured in Sattledt, Austria.

They have a range suitable for just about any size of system, together with various monitoring and data logging options. Their inverters are known for high quality and superb efficiency.

SMA InverterSMA manufactures all their inverters in Kassel, Germany. The factory is the largest inverter factory in the world, and is carbon neutral, boasting a 1.1MW solar PV system and a CHP plant.

SMA has a versatile range of top quality and highly efficient inverters, which also have monitoring and data logging options, some as standard.

Solaredge is a power optimisation system. There is a single inverter, and each panel is connected to its own power optimiser, which means the panels are tracked separately. The system is brilliant for shaded roofs, as one shaded panel will not affect the performance of the rest of the array.  It is also designed to keep track of your energy production and consumption with the mySolarEdge app. Ecocetera is an Advanced SolarEdge Installer, meaning we know the systems pretty well, and are well placed to advise on design, upgrades and maintenance.


While we always try to give excellent value for money, we also balance cost against quality, performance and warranties that mean something. That’s why you won’t necessarily find the cheapest panel in our range, as we won’t put our name to them.

We also understand that some of our customers are more concerned about where a panel is manufactured, or the ethical record of the parent company, than saving a few pounds on a panel. The following panels are ones we have installed extensively. While we do change our favourites occasionally, we like all of these.

Panasonic Solar panelsPanasonic panels (previously Sanyo) hold the world record for cell efficiency produced during Research and Development – 25.6%! Their HIT technology produces a high output for a smaller area – perfect where space is an issue. Ecocetera are Panasonic premium installers, and share the same aims of quality, efficiency and service. Panasonic produce a small profile panel useful for small or awkward roofs. The panels have a fifteen year product warranty, extendable to twenty-five years by registering the system with them. Their performance warranty is also twenty-five years.

LG Solar PanelsLG produce a range of high quality but affordable panels. Their workmanship and warranties are excellent, and they also recognise the same qualities in their installers. LG panels come in all black and high efficiency versions with power outputs up to 360W. They have a twenty-five year product warranty and a twenty-five year performance warranty.

Ecocetera were awarded LG’s Installer 2014 award for their ‘extensive expertise and excellent customer advice’.

The most economical of our panels – but that does not mean they are poor quality – far from it. They recently increased their product warranty to twelve years (performance warranty is still twenty-five years), and they are arguably the most environmentally conscious off all the Chinese manufactures. Their sleek all black range turns a head or two too….

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