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Installing solar panels on properties when they are being built makes perfect sense. Not only does it help properties meet sustainability standards (such as the Code for Sustainable Homes), installation of solar PV panels reduces both energy requirements and bills for decades to come. Whether or not it is required for planning purposes, it is now the decision of forward thinking and environmentally conscious house builders across the country. With solar PV enjoying its highest popularity levels ever, houses with solar PV installed are more attractive to prospective home buyers than those without.

We often install roof integrated solar PV systems on new build properties. The panels then sit flush with the surrounding tiles, and the cost of the roof covering is saved on that area. We can also design bespoke systems for odd shaped roofs where the entire roof area is covered in made-to measure- solar panels (even triangular ones if necessary).

We can advise on how best to integrate solar PV panels into a project from the design stage (which tends to help stop so many homes being designed with only north facing roof space).

We have experience with self-builders and developers both small and large, and are always happy to discuss new projects. Have a look at some recent new build solar installs here

New Build Solar PV Installation

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