• Bristol renewable energy

    Bristol Leading the Way in Renewable Energy

    Bristol is leading the way in the energy revolution – and this great article by B24/7  explains it in more detail.

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  • Feed In Tariff

    The Autumn Budget and Solar

    Effectively, no change! The Feed In Tariff will remain in place for new solar PV installations until April 2019, so if you have plans to install a system and would like to benefit from FIT payments, you have fourteen months left! We did also receive

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  • Ecocetera Website Launch

    After ten years we decided to have a revamp – and this is the result! Georgie and Chris have worked tirelessly to bring you an up to date and refreshed version, which we hope you will find clear and informative.

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  • Battery Storage Solarwatt

    Ecocetera Battery Trial

    We have installed various makes of battery ( you can find them here) and now Ecocetera is currently trialling a Solarwatt MyReserve 500 storage system on our own PV system.

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  • Battery Storage

    Battery Storage: Silver Bullet or White Elephant?

    Battery storage is the new buzz word in the renewable energy world. Solar PV systems produce most electricity in the day time in the summer – and we use most electricity (as a country) after dark and during the winter.

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  • Fitters on roof

    Ecocetera is YouGen’s Installer of the month!

    Thanks not in small part to the outstanding reviews our happy customers have been giving us, Ecocetera have been named YouGen’s installer of the month!

    YouGen is an impartial information and advice service, covering all aspects of energy efficiency and renewable energy. See what they say about us here.

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  • Bristol Energy Cooprerative

    Bristol Energy Co-operative share offer launch

    It is here! BEC’S most ambitious and exciting offer to date – this time with two options – a share offer, or a three year bond.

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  • Feed In Tariff Update

    On August 27th this year, the government published their proposals for the future of the Feed in Tariff.

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  • Ecocetera upgrades new solar PV systems

    The new Hanham Hall development near Bristol has been built with energy efficiency in mind. Rainwater harvesting, low energy lighting and even allotments come as standard.

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  • Ecocetera – Installer of the Month

    Ecocetera is named Panasonic’s Solar Premium installer of the month!

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