Worried about Rising Energy Bills?

Reducing energy use will also have a direct impact on the current energy crisis (including the Russia-Ukraine situation).

James has put together our top tips while you wait for our order books to re-open….


• Get the tea order in before the kettle goes on! Boiling more water than needed not only means waiting longer for your brew, but also uses up extra, unnecessary, energy.
• When using the oven try and cook multiple meals whilst it’s on – then just reheat in the microwave or on the stove when needed.
• When boiling water in a pan (whether it be for potatoes or pasta), leaving the lid on the pan will bring the water to a boil much faster whilst using less energy.
• Invest in a cast iron pan. They will not only last for generations if kept properly, but are also much more efficient at retaining heat.
• When cooking things in an electric oven, turn it off ten minutes before your dish is ready to come out. The temperature will stay where it is without the need for extra energy.


• Turn down your thermostat! A one-degree reduction in all households could reduce Europe’s gas consumption by about ten billion cubic meters a year. (https://t.co/J6s2oufTfc)
• Layers! Whether it be a blanket, blouse or a beanie. This easy step will allow you to lower your heating or even turn it off completely.
• Make use of natural light! Why waste energy by turning on light bulbs when you can open your curtains, especially in the mornings. This not only helps the planet but is also great for your circadian rhythm.


• Invest in double glazing. Not only can it can it improve thermal efficiency by over 70% but will also drastically reduce any outside noise.
• Insulate your walls. Whether you have cavity or solid walls both can be insulated to great effect. Wall insulation on its own can make up to a twenty-point difference on your property’s EPC.
• Insulate your loft space. A quarter of your home’s heat is lost through the roof due to hot air rising, therefore loft insulation can make a massive difference. Don’t forget to insulate the loft hatch as well!
• Insulate your boiler and hot water pipes. A boiler jacket is an easy to install – an inexpensive measure that can make a huge difference to your energy consumption and save you money.

• If you own a pool think about investing in a solar blanket, or any pool cover. This not only reduces water loss due to evaporation but can make a massive difference to how much and often you need to heat the pool.
• Instead of heating your pool try and brave the cold! Cold water swimming has been proven to have many health benefits including boosting your immune system and improving your circulation. Not only that but you burn far greater calories when cold water swimming. So if you can’t bear the thought of filling the pool in, and want to reduce your carbon impact (and bills), help yourself – and the environment by swimming cold…..
• When travelling think about your footprint. This could mean going somewhere local instead of flying. Booking with a sustainable travel agency and staying at an eco-accommodation. Even little things like decanting some shampoo to bring with you to avoid using plastic single serving hotel shampoos can make a difference.
• When treating yourself to new clothing there are a few things to consider. Firstly check for the item second hand, eBay is a great place to start, you’ll not only save money but also help someone else. Try and go with sustainable clothing brands that use organic and recycled materials. This quite often means a slightly higher price but better quality, in theory the clothing has a smaller environmental impact and will last you much longer. Patagonia is a great example of this, with the company also paying a voluntary earth tax. 1% of all sales go to environmental charities.
And of course scour those charity shops for amazing bargains!