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Renewable Energy Specialists

Ecocetera is an experienced and accredited installer of solar photovoltaic (PV) systems. Our solar panels enable you to produce your own clean and efficient electricity, helping reduce both carbon emissions and electricity bills.

Based in Bristol, we install solar PV for homes and businesses in the south west, including Bath, Somerset, Gloucestershire, Dorset, Devon and South Wales. Our expert team has exceptionally high standards, and we pride ourselves in the quality of our installations.

We also supply and install battery storage systems, smart switches and solar PV system upgrades. And we will maintain, service and repair existing solar PV systems, whether or not they were installed by Ecocetera.


  • End of the Feed In Tariff - Business as Usual

    The Feed In Tariff may have ended (on 31st March), But Bristol's appetite for solar PV appears to have increased! Both Bristol City Council and Bristol University have now declared a Climate Emergency. Extinction Rebellion have bought London to a standstill, bringing the issue to sharp focus - and whether you agree with their methods or not, their message is crystal clear - gone are the days of 'every little helps'; now is the time for everybody to do everything they possibly can to try and alert impending disaster.

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  • Community Solar

    Ecocetera has installed dozens of solar PV systems for village halls, churches, sports clubs, charities and co-operatives. We can also help source funding - have a look at some of our recent systems here...

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  • Tesla Powerwall2

    Ecocetera is now a Tesla Powerwall Certified Installer! Contact us now to make full use of your solar electricity, storing it during the day for use after dark. Find out more here

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  • Battery Storage: Silver Bullet or White Elephant?

    Battery storage is the new buzz word in the renewable energy world. Solar PV systems produce most electricity in the day time in the summer – and we use most electricity (as a country) after dark and during the winter.

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  • Repairs Service & Maintenance

    As well as being installers, Ecocetera also provide repairs, service and maintenance for solar PV and battery storage, whether we installed for you or not.

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  • Feed In Tariff

    The Autumn Budget and Solar

    Effectively, no change! The Feed In Tariff will remain in place for new solar PV installations until April 2019, so If you have plans to install a system and would like to benefit from FIT payments,

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‘Yes, climate science is uncertain. However, it’s certain enough to warrant action. You don’t need to have the seventh decimal place filled in to see that the number isn’t looking good’ Brian D.


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