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One of the huge advantages of solar PV systems is that they are relatively maintenance-free.  There are no moving parts, no plumbing or motors to go wrong or require frequent replacement.

Having said that, the system is still an electrical installation, and so should be tested every five years.

Panels themselves are self-cleaning in normal rainfall (and so long as they are elevated to a pitch of at least 20 degrees). They should still be visually checked, as dirt does eventually build up (especially on the lower edges of the panels), and will eventually affect performance.

Regular Maintenance

We offer a System Health Check which includes the following: –

  • Full visual inspection of PV panels, cables, connections, mounting system, inverters and associated electrical equipment
  • Inspection and cleaning of inverter air filters
  • Electrical performance testing of inverters, including check of event history where stored
  • Testing and service of PV electrical system: string level voltage, current and ground testing
  • Inspection of surrounding conditions: shading,vegetation or vermin
  • Summary report, including quotation for warranty, cleaning or repair work if required

Please contact us for more information or to book a visit.

Solar Panel repair    

Reactive Maintenance

Sometimes, things do go wrong, and we can help you here – whether or not we installed your PV system. Some of the commonest issues we are called to address include: –

  • Inverter faults and errors – sometimes requiring replacement (in or out of warranty), sometimes requiring software updates or re-setting. We can carry out warranty work for all main inverter and panel manufacturers.
  • Electrical faults on the PV circuit – sometimes caused by faulty or old plugs and connectors, or cable damage during storms
  • Temporary removal of panels to allow for roof repairs, loft extensions or other building work
  • Installation of system additions such as wireless displays, smart switches, and battery storage solutions.

Whatever the problem, we aim to offer a quick and efficient service.

Please contact us if you would like more information.

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