Feed In Tariff Update

Find out more about the government proposals…..

On August 27th this year, the government published their proposals for the future of the Feed in Tariff. In short, they have put forward the following measures to come into effect in January 2016:-

  • Generation tariff of 1.63p for systems 0-10kW in size
  • Generation tariff of 3.69p for systems 10-50kW in size
  • properties installing solar PV must have an EPC rating of C – before panels are installed (rather than D to include the panels as at present). On the governments own admission, only 25% of homes in this country will achieve such a rating without solar so this will further penalise those home owners seeking to improve the efficiency of their property.

These measures are drastic, and will see a massive reduction in the installation of solar PV systems next year. The government’s own data estimate job losses of 30,000 to 40,000 – the industry’s data is, as you would expect, somewhat higher.

We are urging all environmentally-minded individuals to support the renewable industry by signing the following petitions:-



On the positive side, our aim has always been to see solar survive and thrive without the need for any subsidy. It looks as though we may be approaching that time!

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