Bristol Energy Co-operative share offer launch

Bristol Energy Co-operative share offer launch

It is here! BEC’S most ambitious and exciting offer to date – this time with two options – a share offer, or a three year bond.
The aim is to raise £5 million, to fund two community solar farms (in Lawrence Weston and Puriton) – and solar PV systems on 20 community buildings in Bristol.

The projects are all pre-registered, meaning they have guaranteed Feed In Tariff rates, whatever happens in January, hence being able to offer such generous rates of return on investment.

Four good reasons to invest?

  • Returns on investment of 5% – %6 per annum
  • Share offer also eligible for tax relief under EIS (for shares purchased by 23rd November)
  • Participate in the ownership of local energy resources
  • Strengthen local energy supplies, improve energy security and reduce the impact of climate change (sorry – that makes six good reasons….)

For more information, click here or watch this video