End of the Feed In Tariff – Business as Usual

The Feed In Tariff may have ended (on 31st March), but Bristol’s appetite for solar PV appears to have increased! Both Bristol City Council and Bristol University have now declared a Climate Emergency. Extinction Rebellion have bought London to a standstill, bringing the issue into sharp focus – and whether you agree with their methods or not, their message is crystal clear – gone are the days of  ‘every little helps’; now is the time for everybody to do everything they possibly can to try and avert impending disaster.

In terms of energy we are looking at complete replacement of fossil fuels with renewables. Gas boilers are already due to be banned in new homes by 2025; petrol and diesel cars due to be phased out by 2040. This move towards electrification is only positive however if the electricity we use is 100% renewable – and the simplest way to ensure that is to generate your own energy at source.

Our simple recommendation? Future-proof your home and install solar PV now!