The main incentives for installing solar PV systems are as follows: –

  • Reducing bills by producing free, clean electricity during daylight hours (or longer if installed with battery storage)
  • Reducing use of fossil fuels. More than 40% of the UK’s electricity is still produced by burning gas and coal, so by reducing your electricity imports, you are directly reducing our reliance on fossil fuels as a nation. That in turn means reducing our reliance on imported gas from Russia….

 And any exported green electricity will help even further.

  • Income from exported electricity. While the Feed In Tariff no longer exists, the Smart Export Guarantee has taken its place. Read on for more information…

Smart Export Guarantee 

The Feed In Tariff has been replaced with a ‘Smart Export Guarantee’ – meaning you are paid a guaranteed minimum price for electricity not used, but sent back to the grid.

The SEG is available for all MCS accredited solar PV installations commissioned since April 1st 2019.

Smart Export Guarantee (SEG)  rates are set by the supply companies, and you can see the rates (as of  June 2023) in the following table:-

Energy Supplier Tariff Name Price per kWh
Octopus- (own customers) Octopus Flux
(rate is variable and
depends on location)
Octopus-(own customers) Outgoing Fixed 15p
Scottish Power SmartGen 12p
British Gas Export & Earn Flex 6.4p
EDF-(own customers) Export Variable Value 5.6p
Octopus-(non- customers) Outgoing Go 4.1p
OVO OVO SEG Tariff 4.0p
SSE Smart Export Tariff 3.5p
Shell Energy SEG V1.1 Tariff 3.5p
Utilita Utilita Smart Export Guarantee 3.0p
EDF-(non- customers) Export Variable 3.0p
E.On-(non- customers) Next Export 3.0p
Utility Warehouse UW Smart Export Guarantee -Standard 2.0p

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