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Hyundai Solar PV Panels with Fronius Inverters

These two solar PV systems feed electricity to two adjoining properties in Cheddar.

The property owners have a vision of self-sufficiency. They already keep their own livestock, grow their own fruit and vegetables and use locally fallen wood to fire their wood burner. Now they have come one step closer to being energy independent. Between the two 4kW systems, they will supply over 6800kWh a year to the properties, dramatically reducing the need to import electricity.

The systems each comprise 16 Hyundai HiS modules, mounted on a Schuco ground mounted system and connected to Fronius IG 40 inverters.

“We gave Ecocetera a difficult task to deliver our solar PV system before a critical deadline. Ecocetera provided expert, clear and concise advice at the start of the process which meant that we made the right decision. They also kept us up to date throughout the project and ‘true to their word’ delivered on time. I have no hesitation in recommending them and fully intend to use Ecocetera for future projects”

Owner’s endorsement