• Work in progress of a roof integrated solar panel system.

    Work in Progress

    This photo shows an in-roof system being installed.

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  • Example of solar panel installation for new build

    Old Brewery, Bradford-on-Avon

    This new development was build in the highest of specifications.

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  • New build solar panel installation Bishopsworth

    New build development, Bishopsworth

    These brand new houses look fantastic! the use of gray roof tiles with black Solarworld panels perfectly complements the black and gray windows and rainwater goods.

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  • Black framed solar panels

    Fishpond apartments ( Flat Roof Array)

    Solar panels can be mounted on flat roofs without penetrating the roof membrane if this is preferable. This 6kW system will provide electricity to a new block of flats in Fishponds. The mounting frame is weighted down with ballast

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  • Perlight solat PV panels

    New House, Nailsea

    The Perlight solar PV panels used in this array were combined with an Easyroof integrated mounting frame. All black panels on slate roofs look fantastic – and even more so with this flush-fitting design.

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  • Commercial Solar PV system

    Solar Panels on the Severn

    This commercial solar PV system sits on the roof of the old Highcliffe Hotel in Clevedon.

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  • New build solar installations

    Neat New Builds in Nailsea

    These new build solar installations came about as the result of the refurbishment of the old Friendship Inn public house

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  • Black solar panels installed on a new build property

    Pretty Panels in Pill

    This array was requested for planning purposes on a new-build cottage. Black solar panels were used as the owner was keen not to use a silver framed panel as the roof is low, and very much on view to the garden.

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  • Solar PV with iBoosts for New Build Homes

    Combined Solar PV and iBoost Installations

    We installed Solar PV systems combined with solar iBoost smart switches, on two new build homes in Keynsham.

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  • Essential Energy for New Builds

    Ecocetera has installed a 10kW solar panel system on this stunning new office building. Comprising 40 Upsolar panels with a Fronius IG Plus 120 inverter

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