Ecocetera Solar PV Systems

Kyocera and Sunpower Solar Panels with Fronius Inverters

As a solar PV installer operating during daylight hours it was a natural choice for us to install solar PV. Not only does this help reduce the running costs of the business, but it also helps us to reduce our environmental impact. We installed two systems, one consisting of 12 Kyocera KD 205 panels, and another consisting of 4 Sunpower 330W panels. Both systems are combined with Fronius IG20 inverters.

We also installed a Fronius “datalogger” as an extra to each inverter. These log the systems’ performance via the internet so we can easily monitor how they’re doing over time. We can even see how much electricity we’re producing in real time from anywhere in the world.

2017 Update – we are now trialling a Solarwatt battery storage system here. Watch this space for a live link!