Greener by far……

Innotech Solar Panels with Fronius Inverter

The solar panel installation we completed on Knowle West Media Centre is an exciting one.

The building was green before we started work – built of straw bales, with a biomass boiler and solar thermal system to boot, it is now a shining example to commercial buildings all over Bristol (and further afield).

We installed 108 Innotech Ecoplus panels (these have a very low carbon footprint), producing a 25kW system. The Solion mounting system we used is aerodynamically designed to need very little ballast, so we could use all the space available on the roof. We used Fronius inverters, and added an extra inverter so that Western Power and Siemens could use part of the system as a test bed for an exciting new energy storage project (the BRISTOL project).

Most exciting of all, this installation was funded by the Bristol Energy Co-operative! For more details, see their website