• Install solar PV- Kyocera Panels with SMA Inverter

    Kyoceras in Kent

    Although we usually only install solar PV in and around Bristol, we couldn’t say no to uncle George!

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  • Romag Solar Panels with Fronius Inverter Installed in Langford

    A Green Investment, Langford.

    The owners of this beautiful garden decided to reduce their carbon footprint – and have been able to take advantage of the feed-in tariff rates at the same time. The Romag solar panels used are a powerful 230W (made in the UK) combined with a Fronius IG30 inverter.

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  • Romag Solar Panels with SMA Transformerless Inverter

    Large Domestic System. Yate.

    For this 3.6kW system, we used 18 Romag 200W panels with an SMA Sunny Boy 3000 transformerless inverter.

    A year after installation, this system had generated 3792kWh

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  • Ecocetera Installed Solar PV in Bishopston, Bristol

    Reduced Fuel Bills. Bishopston, Bristol.

    We installed Solar PV at this home in Bishopston, Bristol. This 2.5kW system consists of 12 x Kyocera 210W panels with a Fronius IG20 inverter. The photo was taken as the scaffolding came down at sunset, hence the shadows.

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  • Solar Panel Installation on Garage in Somerset

    Self-sufficient Smallholding. Somerset.

    This 1.6kW solar panel installation on a garage in Somerset

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