• Large Solar PV System for Businesses

    75kW Commercial Solar PV System – Gloucestershire

    Solar PV makes perfect sense for businesses whose main electricity use is during the day – as this local enterprise is now discovering.

    Their three roofs had space for 300 solar PV panels – which will produce in excess of 61.000kWh a year. The system will pay for itself in less than 7 years, and in the meantime electricity bills have been slashed.

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  • LG Solar Panels

    Good Looking Black LG panels in Elberton

    These stunning LG panels have both a black frame and a black backsheet, making them one of the best looking solar panels on the market.
    With first class performance warranties, these panels will provide 3800kWh a year.

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  • Solar panels with Living Roof

    Roof with a View

    Six years ago we installed 10 x Romag 235W panels on a newly sown living roof. We have since had an opportunity to visit and were delighted with the visual combination of the panels, plants and stunning views.

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  • Black solar panels installed on a new build property

    Pretty Panels in Pill

    This array was requested for planning purposes on a new-build cottage. Black solar panels were used as the owner was keen not to use a silver framed panel as the roof is low, and very much on view to the garden.

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  • Frampton Cotterell Solar PV System

    The Brockeridge Centre

    Frampton Cotterell Parish Council have set a shining example to local residents – by installing a 15kW solar PV system on their council building at the Brockeridge Centre.

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  • Solar Installation option to extend Panasonic HIT Solar Panels

    Solar Array (2.9kW with option to extend) – Bishop Sutton

    Panasonic HIT solar panels were used for this array. They have a slim profile and were ideal as larger system was required.

    We installed twelve panels where only eight standard sized panels would usually fit.

    We also installed an SMA SB3600TL inverter. By only connecting to one input the client can decide at a later date to install more panels with minimal cost and disruption.

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  • Generating Solar Power with Sunpower Panels and a Fronius inverter

    Severn Beach – Sunpower Solar System

    Using Sunpower panels on this house in Severn Beach meant the owner could achieve nearly 4kW of solar power.

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  • Sunpower Solar Panels Installed by Ecocetera

    Autumn Sun Shines on Sunpower

    With a combination of high-efficiency Sunpower solar panels and SMA inverter, this system has been taking advantage of the autumn sunshine. It is on track to generate 3400 kWh a year

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  • Solar PV with iBoosts for New Build Homes

    Combined Solar PV and iBoost Installations

    We installed Solar PV systems combined with solar iBoost smart switches, on two new build homes in Keynsham.

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  • Essential Energy for New Builds

    Ecocetera has installed a 10kW solar panel system on this stunning new office building. Comprising 40 Upsolar panels with a Fronius IG Plus 120 inverter

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