• Panasonic solar panels Installation

    Small space, large system – with Panasonic

    Space was tight on this converted barn but Panasonic’s high-efficiency panels fitted the bill perfectly.

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  • Solaredge Optimisers

    Optimised LG system – Thornbury

    This 3.99kW solar PV system uses LG285S1C panels, giving maximum output with only 14 panels.

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  • Hanham Hall – zero carbon development

    This was the first large-scale housing scheme to achieve the 2016 zero – carbon standard. For some residents of the estate however, zero carbon was not quote good enough

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  • Solaredge optimisers

    Solar PV at South Bristol Sports Centre

    ….is now boasting a new 50kW solar PV array, funded by the Bristol Energy Co-operative and installed by Ecocetera.

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  • New build solar installations

    Neat New Builds in Nailsea

    These new build solar installations came about as the result of the refurbishment of the old Friendship Inn public house

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  • Community Solar Panel Installation

    The Bristol Folk House Community Solar PV Array

    Ecocetera has installed another community solar PV array for the Bristol Energy Co-operative – this time at the Bristol Folk House on Park Street.

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  • LG Black Solar Panels

    All Blacks in Bath…..

    This solar panel installation uses the sleek LG monocrystalline ‘all black’ panel. These look far less industrial than silver framed panels, and are favoured by architects and planners, especially when designing solar PV installations on important buildings, slate roofs and conservation areas.

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  • Winterbourne Solar PV Array Installation with LG solar modules

    Ecocetera Installing Solar PV in Winterbourne

    Ecocetera installed this 4kW solar PV system comprising LG 250 S1K ‘all black’ solar modules with a Fronius inverter.

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  • Small Solar PV System

    Small is beautiful…

    Just because you don’t have acres of south facing roof space doesn’t mean a small solar PV system won’t be viable, as this system demonstrates.

    Only eight panels fit on this roof – but the returns are so good for solar that this system will pay for itself in less than eight years.

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  • Large Solar PV System for Businesses

    75kW Commercial Solar PV System – Gloucestershire

    Solar PV makes perfect sense for businesses whose main electricity use is during the day – as this local enterprise is now discovering.

    Their three roofs had space for 300 solar PV panels – which will produce in excess of 61.000kWh a year. The system will pay for itself in less than 7 years, and in the meantime electricity bills have been slashed.

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