• Solar Panel Installers Bristol

    Sunny Siliken system

    We installed this array of solar panels for a local customer here in Bristol. We had previously installed a similar system on their close neighbours property , and they were impressed by the quality of our workmanship.

    The system combines 16 Siliken SLK60 – 250W panels with a Fronius IG TL4.0 inverter, and should generate around 3360 kWh of energy a year.

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  • Array with a view

    These two solar module systems feed electricity to two adjoining properties in Cheddar.

    The property owners have a vision of self-sufficiency. They already keep their own livestock, grow their own fruit and vegetables and use locally fallen wood to fire their wood burner. Now they have come one step closer to being energy independent.

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  • REC Solar modules installed near Frome

    Domestic Transformation

    This system, comprising 16 REC Solar Modules, is 3.84kw in size. Installed in the month of July, it has exceeded generation predictions by over 10 percent,

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  • solar pv installation combined with solar thermal

    Combined PV/thermal system, Somerset

    The owners of this house already had a solar thermal system, and we designed our Solar PV system around this. Using Kyocera panels teamed with an SMA inverter, the 3.84kW system is on track to produce nearly 3300kWh a year.

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  • Solar PV roof integrated solar PV system. Exmoor

    Flush Mounted System on Exmoor

    For this 3.96kW system, we used black-framed Romag panels on a slate roof. An architect redesigned the roof, so the panels are recessed into the slate roof.

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  • Solar PV Installed on pergola generating renewable electricity

    Productive Pergola

    This system was a solution for the owner of a listed building who was very keen to generate renewable electricity. He built a pergola in his garden- and we roofed it with Sanyo panels.

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  • Kyocera Solar PV Modules installed in South Wales

    Kyocera Array, South Wales

    In 2010 we installed this 2.15kW system in south Wales. The array comprises 10x Kyocera KD215 solar PV modules combined with a Fronius IG20 inverter. We used these panels as the property is in an area of outstanding natural beauty, and besides having excellent performance,

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  • Kyocera Solar panels Installed in Lydney

    Welsh Slate Roof

    For this system in Lydney we used 16 x Kyocera KD210 modules with a Fronius IG30 inverter. The Kyocera solar panels, being black framed, blend in with the natural slate roof far better than a silver framed panel would.

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  • Install solar PV- Kyocera Panels with SMA Inverter

    Kyoceras in Kent

    Although we usually only install solar PV in and around Bristol, we couldn’t say no to uncle George!

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  • Romag Solar Panels with Fronius Inverter Installed in Langford

    A Green Investment, Langford.

    The owners of this beautiful garden decided to reduce their carbon footprint – and have been able to take advantage of the feed-in tariff rates at the same time. The Romag solar panels used are a powerful 230W (made in the UK) combined with a Fronius IG30 inverter.

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