Don’t Panic! Feed In Tariff reductions from July 1st minimal

As you may or not be be aware, we are slowly coming towards the next reduction of the Feed In Tariff, which will happen on the 1st July 2013.  In the past the Solar P.V. industry has seen substantial surges in enquiries and installations in the run up to the reductions, as people panic that they’ll miss out if they install after the deadline.  Unfortunately this is normally followed by a substantial plummet in installations after the deadline passes, as people feel they’ll be getting a poorer deal than those who installed before the change.

“Don’t Panic!” Whilst in the past there have been some substantial reductions of the Feed In Tariff, the reduction on the 1st July will only be by 0.54p a unit.  In the meantime, the export tariff has risen by 0.14p a unit, which means an overall reduction of just 0.47p a unit. For a typical 3kW system, this will make a difference in income of about £12 a year.