• Battery Storage

    Battery Storage: Silver Bullet or White Elephant?

    Battery storage is the new buzz word in the renewable energy world.

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  • Fitters on roof

    Ecocetera is YouGen’s Installer of the month!

    Thanks not in small part to the outstanding reviews our happy customers have been giving us, Ecocetera have been named YouGen’s installer of the month!

    YouGen is an impartial information and advice service, covering all aspects of energy efficiency and renewable energy. See what they say about us here.

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  • Bristol Energy Cooprerative

    Bristol Energy Co-operative share offer launch

    It is here! BEC’S most ambitious and exciting offer to date – this time with two options – a share offer, or a three year bond.

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  • Feed In Tariff Update

    On August 27th this year, the government published their proposals for the future of the Feed in Tariff.

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  • Ecocetera upgrades new solar PV systems

    The new Hanham Hall development near Bristol has been built with energy efficiency in mind. Rainwater harvesting, low energy lighting and even allotments come as standard.

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  • Ecocetera – Installer of the Month

    Ecocetera is named Panasonic’s Solar Premium installer of the month!

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  • Solar Panels Bristol Folk House

    The Bristol Folk House

    Ecocetera has installed another community solar PV array for the Bristol Energy Co-operative – this time at the Bristol Folk House on Park Street.

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  • Solar panels with Living Roof

    Roof with a View

    Three years ago we installed 10 x Romag 235W panels on a newly sown living roof. We recently had an opportunity to visit and were delighted with the visual combination of the panels, plants and stunning views.

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  • Bristol Solar City Launch

    Bristol Solar City are excited to announce the Solar Pavilion is coming to Bristol BIG Green Week 2013!

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  • Don’t Panic! Feed In Tariff reductions from July 1st minimal

    As you may or not be be aware, we are slowly coming towards the next reduction of the Feed In Tariff, which will happen on the 1st July 2013.

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